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Procedures to make bootable

Use the TISDCardboot_utility

Use TISDCardboot_utility to create a disk with partition table geometry compatible with the OMAP3/AM335X boot ROM.
Note: The TI SDCard boot utility does not work well on computers running Windows 7, use Windows XP (WinXP mode in Windows 7 works fine too.)
Follow the steps below:
1. Insert the SD card into an SD-Reader attached to the desktop computer.
2. Launch the TISDCardboot utility.
3. Choose the drive letter of the SD reader.
4. Select the MLO file.
5. Select the EBOOTSD.nb0 and Nk.bin files. Then Click Proceed Button.
6. Select the FAT 32 filesystem and 4096 bytes allocation unit size in the Format Removable Disk pop-up and start the SD card format process.
7. After the formatting is complete, the utility automatically starts to copy the files to the SD card.
8. Wait for the "Copying files done" message to appear in the debug output box.
9. Your SD card is now ready to boot the AM335X Board. Insert SD card in Board and power on the board.

Using the HP format utility:

Use USB reader, SD card and HP format utility to prepare card with a clean, bootable, FAT32 partition:
After the card is formatted , copy MLO file to SDCard. Note: It is important to copy this file first and by itself.

Then Copy EBOOTSD.nb0 and NK.bin to the SDCard.

Finally Insert the SDCard into BBBlack microSD Card slot, then power on the board.

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